Sunday, December 1, 2013


Sunday rain drips outside my window, while John and I sit by the fire sipping hot coffee from fat mugs. I can't believe it's December. November really flew by-even though I thought I write every day in November over at Notes From the Cookie Jar, things got away from me.

How is it December already? November was crazy. Grad photos for Kevin, driving him here and there for a business he's started, work meetings and workshops, and more. Every single day. There's so much I still need to tell you about!

For instance, I still need to tell you about my lady date night out at 1 Fish 2 Fish where I think I ate my body weight in oysters. Or how about the West Coast Christmas show? I also discovered this really great candy that you can buy online, too.

So much to do-and what's happening in the kitchen?

Um... honestly?

Nothing. No seriously, nothing.

Ever have a week or two so busy that everything you plan is completely derailed and so you throw together what ever you can? That was my November. No new recipes pulled out of a hat, but rather I would come home, look at what was in the cupboards, and then throw dinner together, hence the lack of new recipes around here. When things get crazy, I stick to the tried and true that I can pull together without thinking too much. Pancakes? Great. Breakfast sandwiches? Let's do it. Just get something to fill bellies that is relatively healthy and doesn't involve take out. Honestly if take out was healthy and we could eat it, I would have gone that route.

Have you ever had kitchen burnout? What do you do when that happens?

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