Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Follow #dinner365 and Find Out What's For Dinner

In our house, cooking dinner at home is just what we do. Almost every night without fail, dinner makes it to the table. Sometimes it's as boring as a a sandwich or leftovers, and other nights it's fancy.

Often, I'm asked what's happening for dinner and decided that for the entire year, I'm going to show you. Follow me +Karen Humphrey (Scatteredmom) on Google Plus or @scatteredmom on Twitter, and every day I'll post a photo and/or a link to a recipe with the hashtag #dinner365

Today's dinner for Day One was turkey chili. It's a recipe that has evolved over the years, and tonight I changed things up a little by tossing in a bit finely chopped mushrooms and zucchini that were left in the fridge, and swapped one of the cans of kidney beans for black beans.

I especially love a little grated cheddar on my chili. With some soft dinner rolls to dip in the chili, it was really tasty. Usually we sit at the dinner table, but tonight it was what we call a 'casual dinner', where we all curled up on the couch with our feet up and relaxed.

Tomorrow I'll be spending the day in downtown Vancouver, so you'll have to see what I find for dinner. What will the guys be eating at home? I have no idea. Probably leftover chili!  As things get going, I'll pull my photos together into a slideshow over on Flickr as well.

Here's to 365 days of dinner!

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