About Karen

I'm a lover of strong, hot coffee and good chocolate. Homemade pizza slathered in melty cheese would be my choice of a last meal, and I am a strong believer in everything in moderation.

At one time, I claimed that you would not find kale chips on my blog. You would find homemade, full fat, full of love treats and main dishes in this space; most fairly healthy, some decidedly not so.  I'm a pretty adventurous soul and I would eat almost anything.

That is, until in June 2016, when I discovered that I have asthma and a wicked sulphite allergy that has resulted in a bunch of near misses to the emergency room. I now carry an epi pen and there's a ridiculously long list of things I can't eat. If I want something now, I'd better make it myself because anything in a box or can is probably going to make me sick. No matter; the years before were just getting me warmed up, and now you're going to find me continuing to create in my kitchen-it will just be healthier than it previously was.

Anything that entails adventure, learning, and discovery is high on my list of must dos. Scuba diving in the cold waters off Vancouver Canada's coast, motorcycling on the roads in BC, caving in New Mexico, 4x4ing in the remote deserts of Utah, and white water rafting are all adventures taken and conquered. I'm not the kind of girl who suns herself on the beach with a drink while getting a manicure; I'd rather be ziplining.

My motto is, if you worry about your hair all the time, you're never going to have any fun-and I plan to have FUN.

I question everything and want to know the story and science behind it all; touring factories, farms, parks and historical sites are absolutely my idea of fun. We've visited the Purdy's chocolate factory, made gelato with Bella Gelateria, seen egg farms, learned the ins and outs of cupping coffee, and have a thirst for more.

My passions include writing, teaching people how to cook and where their food comes from, supporting charities that inspire youth and feed the hungry, community and being outdoors. I don't follow pop culture and I barely ever watch TV, despite being completely addicted to Twitter. I'm told that I'm kind of opinionated.

My husband would probably agree with that.

Throughout it all, I'm also a wee bit scattered. I lose my car in parking lots. Last week I walked into a pole in the local Target store (I may have been tweeting). If you talk to me while I'm baking, I will surely mess things up. I can't tie my shoes properly. I forget my cell phone at home all the time. Names and faces escape my memory often, which can be kind of embarrassing. My keys go on hiatus on a regular basis. It's a contradiction of sorts; ask me to pull together a weekly meal plan or how to pack a tasty lunch for your kids and it will be whipped up in minutes but if you need directions, please don't ask me which way is north. I have no idea.

Also if you happen to see my keys, let me know. There were here somewhere.....

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