About Karen

I'm a lover of strong, hot coffee and good chocolate. Homemade pizza slathered in melty cheese would be my choice of a last meal, and I am a strong believer in everything in moderation.

At one time, I claimed that you would not find kale chips on my blog. You would find homemade, full fat, full of love treats and main dishes in this space; most fairly healthy, some decidedly not so.  I'm a pretty adventurous soul and I would eat almost anything.

That is, until January 2016, when I had a glass of red wine and discovered that sulphites give me some pretty scary asthma attacks. From there, I developed and NSAID allergy that has landed me in the ER numerous times, and finally in May 2017 received a diagnosis of being allergic to wheat, corn, rice, soy, eggs, peaches, tree nuts, peanuts, and just about anything outside that pollinates.

I'm currently on hiatus until I figure out how to make myself some wheat free bread, convince myself to love quinoa, and find my footing in the kitchen again. Someone told me today that I should "write that stuff down, it might help other people."I will, one day.

I just need a little time to figure it all out.

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