Sunday, October 20, 2013

Visit the Fraser Valley Food Show

A few weeks ago, all things food hit the Tradex in Abbotsford as the Fraser Valley Food Show took over the space for three days, featuring everything from a sausage making competition to a whole gluten free show, and  Rob Feenie showing off his skills.

You know me, I love everything food, and this time not having to drive all the way into Vancouver to see it? I'm in. Also, the show's major sponsor is Born 3 Eggs, and you guys all know how I love eggs, right? I wasn't the only one with the idea to head on out to satisfy my inner foodie, the place was packed.


There was lots to see-and I was so thrilled to see Trugs products! Years ago, I went to where Trugs first began in Half Moon Bay,  and met the owners. They were such kind people, and gave me a tour of their test kitchen, showed me the garden where they sourced some of the food they used in their products, and I wrote a little about the samples they gave me. Well Trugs has changed ownership but it's wonderful to see that the company has expanded and grown! I still love the chocolate cherry jam I used for these cookies.

There was so many things to sample. From cheeses from Golden Ears Cheesecrafters to products from Hopcott meats, and talking to cranberry farmers, it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. I stopped by the Republica Coffee booth to snag a little bit of coffee and found out where the name for the Dark Angel Roast came from. (You'll never guess. I promised not to tell, but let me give you a hint: it has to do with TV).

Also, these candies were delicious. I love that they are dairy and gluten free!


I'll admit, I didn't stop and have a bite at the taste of the Valley booths, and I had to drive home so I avoided the alcohol samples, but it was a fun way to spend the afternoon. You could watch Rob Feenie cook or take in a cheese seminar, and well... I will do most anything for cheese.

Rob Feenie 2

There were a lot of gluten free products at the show. Now I'm not gluten free, but I know the demand is fairly high so it was interesting to look around and see what's out there. I also drooled over a gorgeous red Kitchen Aid 13 cup food processor that Chef Dez tried to convince me to take home, but I didn't have an extra couple hundred dollars burning a hole in my pocket. However, he may have convinced me that I really need a pasta attachment by showing me the great homemade pasta you can produce.....


Kitchen toys are my weakness, guys. I'm powerless. It's bad.

Anyway, I was standing around, nibbling samples and listening to Rob Feenie when I look over and see this person who looks kind of familiar. I have had this feeling before, when I began telling Gail Vaz Oxlade "wow I'm sure I know you, I just can't place you anywhere." To her credit she played along and was gracious, although I'm sure she had quite the laugh afterwards-along with the friends we were with who ALL knew and didn't tell me. (thanks, guys)

This time I had enough sense to keep my mouth shut, but once at home I looked up who this person was, and turns out that it was Corbin Tomaszeski, from Dinner Party Wars. I love that show! Darn. I should've said hello.

The food show was a lot of fun. If you've never been to one and you live in the Fraser Valley, I'd say that it's a great way to spend the afternoon and get to know some of the producers in our area, meet a chef or two, and pick up some tasty treats to cook with at home. You'll always find something new in shows like this, and it's a great way to see what's currently out there.

Besides, the rewards are always quite delicious.

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