Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Review: Don't Kill the Birthday Girl

Lately I've been getting a few cookbooks here and there to review, but recently this new book by Sandra Beasley came in the mail from Random House. I've read books before about allergies since I have Oral Allergy Syndrome as well as a pollen allergy, but most have been about how allergies work and what you do to avoid exposure.

birthday girl

This book was a treat-far from the traditional books I've always found that are out there about allergies, Sandra weaves science and new discoveries about allergies as well as the social implications along with her own experiences. There was the nutritionist that claimed she wasn't designed to survive, the dance of avoiding allergens at birthday parties, risks taken as a teen, and eventually navigating adulthood and the challenges that come with having many severe allergies.

I enjoyed the mix of story telling from Sandra's own life interspersed with relevant topics that have been in the news recently such as food labeling, processed food, and how they affect those with severe allergies. She also touches on soy and possibly why it has become one of the big allergies, and delving into science and history, explains at a level that is not only interesting and easy to understand but fascinating for anyone who is interested in food, how it is produced, and where it comes from. I love that the tone isn't preachy or condescending, but rather very informative.

This format kept me engaged throughout the entire book. I highly recommend it to anyone who deals with allergies, or even if you don't, it's a good read.

You can read more about Sandra and the book here

Or, see the trailer below.

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of the book to read in order to write this post. I'm going to pass the book along to a friend who has a child with food allergies.
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