Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pesto Chicken Wraps

Over the weekend, a photographer from the Globe and Mail was here to take photos of Jake and I with a typical lunch

Photos! Me! Jake! Is the kitchen clean? What food do I make? How's my hair? Why didn't I make Jake get a haircut, even though he insists that his girlfriend says his longer hair is sexy?

There is nothing like your lunch packing skills being put on a national stage to make one wildly self conscious about their cooking/lunches. What do I make? Will it look okay? Taste okay? Photograph okay?

So like I normally do, I came up with a new lunch item, on the spot. No recipe, just something I made up the night before. Because I'm stupid adventurous like that.

We love wraps. They don't go soggy like sandwiches, are easy to eat, and we come up with all sorts of wild fillings. At Mimi's Cafe near Disneyland in California, they serve a really delicious pest chicken ciabatta sandwich that is like a zillion calories and the size of my dinner plates. (well not really, but close) Those flavors are what inspired this combination and ultimately, a really delicious wrap.

one boneless chicken breast half, cooked and chopped
jarred pesto
a bit of mayo
grated carrot
sliced sweet peppers
pea shoots
mashed avocado

In a bowl, mix the chicken breast with just a bit of mayo and pesto to give it a bit of sauce. I don't like really saucy items, but I wanted it to just have a little dressing in there. Zesting a lemon over it might be really delicious too.

Layer the ingredients on a whole wheat tortilla as pictured above. Fold over the sides and roll up. If you are packing this in a lunch, wrap it in cling film. Don't worry about the avocado, mine sat in the fridge all day and still didn't turn brown.

Makes 2 wraps.

See? Wasn't that easy?

Now I just hope I don't have pesto in my teeth in those pictures.
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