Thursday, September 2, 2010

Views from the Markets on Commercial Drive

Commercial Drive Veggie Market

Yesterday we met a friend for lunch in Vancouver on Commercial Drive. I hadn't really been to Commercial Drive much before, and so we decided to walk around. What blew me away were all the veggie markets-I swear we passed four or so in the little space we walked. They were all so CHEAP compared to home that I couldn't believe it.

It's Curly!

Kevin loved seeing all the different foods. Fresh pasta in an Italian market, vanilla beans for ridiculously cheap compared to home, and ethnic restaurants everywhere. As we browsed in a market, a chef arrived and complained that his sous chef had messed up an order.

"See?" Kevin whispered, "The local chefs shop here. This must be good."

Just the smells were enough to entice him. We found a market with a huge selection of peppers in every shape, color and size. There were green, hot, fiery red, sweet, curled, squat and fat, long, skinny, heaped in bins ready to be taken home. We laughed that one would think we'd never seen a pepper before.

I struck up conversation with a fellow shopper, and went home with fresh figs and some baby eggplants, that she recommended stuffing with garlic and olive oil before roasting gently over the BBQ.

Coffee Art

Even our coffee was artistic down at Blenz, on Commercial and Broadway. Jake was gracious enough to let me take a photo.

"Mom, we have to come back" he sighed as we got into the car and he pulled out a fresh fig to nibble on, "I had SO MUCH FUN."
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