Thursday, May 27, 2010

Questions for the Kitchen: Chilies and Cream?

Question: What is heavy cream?

Heavy cream is similar to whipping cream, here in Canada. Whipping cream actually has a teensy bit less fat content than heavy cream in other places (between 36-40%), but generally you can substitute it with no problems. Dairyland whipping cream has 33% fat content. I've never had an issue when substituting.

Question: What are the chilies that you keep referring to when you cook Jamie Oliver recipes?

I had that same question when I'd watch Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson cooking away, and they'd always talk about chilies. What the heck? I couldn't ever find those kind of chilies at the store, so I was at a loss. Until one day, I was at IGA and I found this little baggie of these tiny red chilies, which looked almost exactly what I'd seen on TV. I asked the produce guy and he had no idea what they were, or even if they were hot. So I bought them and took the plunge.

Okay so when you use chilies, the heat is in the seeds. SEED the sucker if you don't want too much heat. Mince finely. DON'T touch your eyes after. What kind of chilies are they? I have no idea. But upon doing a little research, I think that I bought a pack of Holland Chilies.

These babies are spicy, but not really burning hot. That is, unless you are stupid enough to be like Jake and eat a whole one raw. I just split it in half, seeded it, and used it in the recipes. Make sure to wash off your cutting board afterwards or the rest of your food will be spicy, and do NOT touch your eyes or mouth. At all.

Have some questions for the kitchen? Ask away, and I'll try to answer!
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