Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time for a Revolution

Okay people, get ready for a revolution. I'm really stoked about this. For a long time, I've complained, asked questions, and generally been a pain in the ass about lunches. School lunches. Things sold at schools. At one time, I worked at a school that had the following on their menu:

Little Caesar's bread sticks (dipped in butter and rolled in fake cheese)
Caeasar salad (dripping in dressing)
ice cream
chocolate milk

Yep. You could literally see puddles of grease on the kid's desks when they were done. Then there was the bake sales every week that allowed kids to buy up to six cupcakes and two cans of pop, then consume it in one sitting.

Last year I tried to convince Jake's school to sell fruit and veggies as an option at the canteen. I was told that no, it would never work. Kids won't buy it. The stuff would rot. The second it gets a blemish kids will pass it by. But the kids were saying that they'd love it if they could get veggies and dip, or some nice fruit. There just wasn't any. And to be honest, I worked there for 3 years and would never eat the food because I think it's disgusting. Pre-packaged mini pizzas, boiled perogies, pasta with almost invisible sauce (it looked like dyed pasta), and butter chicken from a restaurant. There is not a veggie or fruit in sight in anything there unless it's doused in dressing in a Caesar wrap.

What happens in your kid's school, and can we finally do something about it? Fortunately for me, Jake refuses to eat anything served at school because he agrees that the food is terrible. What about the rest of the kids? Don't they deserve something better?

This blog proudly support's Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I can't sign the petition because I'm in Canada, but I do believe that food bloggers need to pitch in by spreading the word.

Let's start a revolution!

What am I going to do? I'll cook up some of the recipes from his site and posting about them here. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Maybe eventually I'll get the courage to call up the lunch ladies and try again.
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