Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Toast in the New Year With an Appy Spread Menu

Every New Year's Eve, we have an Appy Spread dinner. It's nothing fancy really, just a bunch of things that I put out and a we nibble on for the evening.

This year's menu:

-tiny cocktail sausages (not sure what it is about these, but Hubs and Jake LOVE them)
-sliced cheeses
-Snack'ums pickles
-deviled eggs
-Vegetable Thins crackers and Triscuits
-smoked oysters
-orange and thyme prawns (I made the dip that goes with them and served them with toothpicks)
-spanakopita triangles (ready made, frozen from a box-they're delicious!)
-veggie plate
-phyllo cups (follow that link for tons of recipes) filled with spicy mango and chicken salad...
Basically I made the chicken with this marinade, grilled it on skewers, then made of variation of this filling. I omitted the lettuce, diced the chicken small and mixed it with some diced red pepper, green onion, and some mango. I then tossed it with a bit of Miracle whip, a squirt of lime juice, some lime zest and a bit of sugar, and filled the shells. Yummy!

-various Christmas goodies-butter tarts, sugar cookies, a bought Christmas cake

-coffee, assorted teas, some sparkling apple juice and ginger ale to toast the new year with, and an assortment of movies (Prince Caspian, Hancock, Wanted, and The X files)

We will hang out, nosh on goodies, and spend the evening curled up by the fireplace under warm blankets together.

There's also a How To on making New Year's crackers at Notes From the Cookie Jar.

What are you doing for New Years?
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