Friday, August 11, 2017

The Great Grocery Shop ..Updated!

A long time ago, I did some grocery budget challenge series where I took photos of my weekly grocery shop to show you not only what I bought, but how much it cost. Well-since then I've become an empty nester so I'm not making copious amounts of food to fill the hollow leg of a teenager, but I have also moved to a different town with more selection at the store.

Enter food allergies, and honestly my bill isn't that much less anymore. Buying things I can eat gets expensive! Also there's the let down of having a fridge stuffed with food but nothing is available to eat unless you actually force yourself to cook it, and I'll admit I'm still struggling with that. I tend to make things when I get the inspiration and put the leftovers in the fridge, ready for a day when I just don't have it in me to start cooking. I cook ahead a LOT. I'm still overshooting on how much food we actually need, because sometimes I get super inspired and want to try ALL THE THINGS.

Like today, really. We were just on vacation where I had to eat salad in every restaurant and I'm so sick of salad now that I just can't face another one. They weren't even particularly good salads. Oh, the restaurants tried, mind you-but I like my own salads better. Thank goodness there's carrot soup in the freezer. (Also, a side rant here: have you seen how much places charge for a salad? $16?! Are they serious? Even Safeway in Castlegar, where I paid $9 for pretty much a container of Romaine lettuce? Not kidding, a sandwich and fries was cheaper. OY.)

Anyway please forgive my slightly blurry photo because I took it on my phone and now everything is put away. Chalk it up to getting back into the practice of blogging, and I promise to do better next time.

This is my shop for the week, but it will likely last longer than that. As you can see it's mostly fruit, veggies and meat/seafood with some dairy products, coffee and a few things to bake with like Camino cocoa powder, some chick pea flour, and that giant bar of chocolate. There's a lot of herbs in there-rosemary, mint, Italian parsley and dill because those are my friends when it comes to cooking. There's also some veg in there that I didn't really like previously, such as golden beets and parsnips. I'm going to show you a fantastic way to roast up a bunch of root vegetables, then stick them in your fridge to toss into salads and stuff later on in the week. Trust me, you'll love it. Here's the loose list of things I'm planning to make coming up this week:

  • Borsht with dill, golden beets, leeks, Yukon gold potatoes, and savoy cabbage. Greek yogurt is going to sub in for sour cream. I had some in a restaurant and now I MUST HAVE BORSHT.
  • Chick pea flour cheddar and chive biscuits from a new cookbook and I'll share if they turn out. Fingers crossed!
  • Roasted root veggie salad: so far, hands down my favourite new lunch. Basically you roast a pile of root veg with some herbs, then put some in the fridge for later. To make the salad, you toss them with feta, herbs, mixed greens, a bit of protein (I like roast chicken), some quinoa or millet, and a drizzle of lemon honey dressing. Even just writing this is making me hungry.
  • A whole roast chicken: I'll slather that baby in lemon herb butter and bake it in my Staub cast iron pot before ripping all the meat off to use for salads and/or grain bowls, then freeze the carcass to make chicken stock later. It goes really well in that roasted veg salad I talked about earlier.
  • Rice free sushi. I know, it sounds weird. But I've seen sushi made with barley, and I want to try it. I figure I'll fill it with avocado, cucumber, green onion and a little carrot. I even have a nifty (and crazy expensive) soy sauce substitute in my fridge that I have to use up
  • Chick pea flour soda breads. I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss bread, and I'm really hoping these work. Fingers double crossed!
  • Sole baked in parchment paper with lemon, dill, and zucchini: This has become a regular dish in our house because it's so tasty. Spoiler: I never used to like zucchini.
  • Oat crackers with cheese: I also really miss crackers and decided I'd try baking some instead of buying them this week. The first batch turned out well, so let's try them again and ramp up the flavour a little with a little smoked paprika and sharp cheddar! 
  • Apple sage pork sausage patties: I've made these lots and they are fantastic for breakfast, but I've always done plain ones so I figure I'll try adding some apple and sage to the mix. What's the worst that could happen? Plus maybe they will be good tucked into a cheese biscuit for breakfast. Like an egg free breakfast sandwich, right?
  • Something with shrimp. I'm not sure what. I could tuck it into the sushi, we could put it on a salad, I'm not sure. I'll have to see what strikes me. Maybe I'll put them with green beans, some parboiled potatoes, and some herbs into a foil packet and do them in the oven. You'll have to wait and see. 
Okay one last thing. With these posts I intend to show you a product that I've bought and tried before, and really, really like. Today it's this spritzter-I've talked about the grapefruit one on Instagram, which was...okay. I REALLY love the apple one.

This stuff is super tasty and would be something I'd drink, allergies or not. It simply tastes good!

Allergy advantage: made with cane sugar and real juice, this doesn't make me wheezy. I'm not sure what "organic flavour" is, and I did a search on malic acid, which CAN contain corn but doesn't always. Best to call the company if you are highly sensitive, but I'm not to malic or citric acid at this point. 

The cans were on sale for $1.50 each so buying in bulk could get pricey, but I'd have it as a treat on a hot day or if I'm at a party where other people are having fun adult drinks and my only safe alternative is water.

If you want to know more, check out the Good Drink company's page!

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