Friday, August 11, 2017

Let's Try This Again

When I first began writing here, my goal was to give some far away family members a view into my kitchen, and then it was to keep a record of recipes I liked. Eventually this place became a food blog, where I wrote about real food and encouraged people to get in their kitchens.

Remember Food Revolution Friday? Those were the days.

After neglecting this place somewhat to write here and here, working in a breakfast program, teaching 10 year olds how to cook and then take time off to take care of myself and my family, I'm feeling like dusting this place off and starting again. The goal this time? Well, pretty much the same thing, but this time with a twist. I've spent the last year dealing with health challenges of my own, and at one point had to throw out everything I knew about cooking for myself and re-learn how to eat. Along the way, I was encouraged to write about it but at the time felt too raw and vulnerable to be even remotely enthusiastic about sharing. Maybe I was just hangry.

Possibly I needed time to mourn the loss of sushi, pizza, and Oreo cookies.

At any rate, I feel like I've turned a corner and that now, possibly I do have a few things I could share with people. I've spent months experimenting in my kitchen, trying new things and forcing myself to eat things like quinoa. (spoiler: I've never been a fan) What I have noticed is that there aren't a lot of cooking resources for people like me who have multiple food allergies, and there is a LOT of misinformation or pseudo-science/fad diets. Have an allergy, especially to wheat? Everyone has an opinion or a cure.


I'm in search of delicious food, people. If the recipe doesn't work I'm not posting it. If it tastes like cardboard? Nope. If anything, my standards have gotten higher. I plan to show you what books I've found useful, what products work for me, and how I've adapted recipes to work with my allergies. If you don't have allergies, you can still make the recipes because I'll also add in the stuff that I normally would have used. I still love good food, and there's no way I'm going to give that up solely because my options are more limited.

Other changes around here? Kevin, who was 10 years old when I started blogging, grew up to be a man in his 20's and lives on his own. He loves to cook and occasionally will even snap a photo and show me what is happening in his kitchen. Of anything I've ever done in the world of food, I'm most proud of the fact that he not only loves to cook, but he's good at it. You'll probably see things inspired by him, because he really does have some great ideas.

Okay then, let's get on with it, shall we?

PS: You're going to notice some changes to labels, etc as I slowly re-organize this place . Sorry about the mess! 

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