Sunday, September 4, 2016

Supporting Local: Help the Sons of Vancouver

I met the guys from Sons of Vancouver the last time I went to Eat Vancouver with my friend Maria. We stopped at their booth and tried the amaretto, and decided then and there we had to buy a bottle.

I normally am not a fan of amaretto, but this is different. Notes of apricot and vanilla make this liqueur something so unbelievably delicious. It's my go-to for pouring over ice cream, adding to sauces or cheesecake, putting in my tea, or just having a sip of now and then.


What makes me so happy to use it is that it's also made locally. I believe that it's really important to support local business, especially when their product is this amazing.

Sons of Vancouver distillery is a small craft distillery located in North Vancouver, BC. They've been quite successful, producing a No. 82 Amaretto, vodka, and a really interesting chili vodka. Turns out, they need some new equipment. Their products are doing so well they are having a hard time keeping up to demand and have started an Indiegogo campaign.

I highly recommend that you check out the campaign and pick yourself up some of that delicious amaretto If you are in town, because it's hands down my favourite liqueur ever. 

 Disclosure: I wasn't paid to share this with you, I just love my amaretto THAT much!
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