Thursday, December 3, 2015

Catelli's Gluten Free Lasagne Noodles

About six months ago, the kid of the house spread his wings and found his own place to live. It's been really weird not having kids in the house, especially when I'm cooking. When I'm used to making things that serve 4-6 people (because boys in their early 20s eat as much as a small village), I'm down to two people now, one of whom eats barely anything at all.

Cooking is weird, now.

When Catelli sent me these new gluten free lasagna noodles, I was quite interested in trying them-especially to make some freezer lasagnas for Kevin on my next visit. What's a visit from Mom unless she brings you food, right? Splitting up a lasagna recipe into smaller trays just makes a lot of sense when the recipient is a single person.


First let's take a look at the noodles. At first I had no idea they were of the no cook, oven ready variety. Oh! Really? There's pros and cons to this kind of noodle. First, the obvious-it takes away the step of having to boil noodles,which cuts on prep time. This time of year, we can always cut down on prep time.


The only con to the whole oven ready idea is that I like to fit noodles to the pan, and when they are hard it makes the job more difficult. I ended up breaking them and trying to fit them in as best I could. Cooked noodles are easier because you can just trim them, oven ready means you have to break them and try to fit them in.


The recipe on the back of the box is easy enough to follow, and doesn't really require that many ingredients. The best part is I was able to put it together rather quickly! The trick is, use lots of sauce and make sure the noodles are covered well.


Soon they were ready for the oven, and the most delicious smell filled the house as they baked and bubbled away. The noodles softened right up just like they should and the finished pasta looked absolutely amazing. The best part is, people who are gluten free could enjoy a cheesy lasagna and not have issues with the pasta. This might be a great dinner to whip up during the holidays when you are on the run. You'll find the recipe right on the back of the Catelli box (or right here online)!

Most people don't like gluten free pasta, but from what I've tasted with Catelli's offerings, they are just like regular pasta. You can't even notice a difference, and we really like them-which is great, because one of our family members is gluten free.

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