Sunday, October 11, 2015

Win Rice for Days with Minute Rice

Some time ago I was sent a case of Minute Rice ready to serve cups. At first, I admit I scoffed a little. Cups? Rice? Why not just cook some up? Rice isn't hard to make, and it's probably more economical to just make it as usual.

Then, school started up and I was back to juggling two jobs, where I barely had time for anything. One day I made some chicken rogan josh ahead of time, grabbed one of the cups to go, and threw it in my bag. When you have only 15 minutes to heat dinner and eat, you need something fast.

I don't mind fast, but I want dinner to taste good too and that rice? Perfect. Heat, stir, eat it right out of the cup or like me, stir it right on it. Either way, it was SO easy.

Thus began my love affair with these rice cups. At work, I just toss one in the microwave along with my dinner and in a minute there's hot, tasty rice ready to eat. There's no weird ingredients. Nothing but really tasty rice. You can get flavoured cups (Mexican, Chicken, etc) , but so far my favourite is the plain basmati or whole grain.

What makes this product so great besides the lack of strange ingredients is that it's shelf stable so I can throw it in my lunch bag and then microwave it when I need it. The convenience alone has made this product totally worth it for me, and I've bought more even after the packages sent to me were long eaten. Seasoned delicious rice when you don't have the time to boil it yourself really is a nice option to have in the cupboard.

Lucky for you, I have some rice to give away! For older kids to put in their lunch bag and mix with stir fry or curry, or even to give the younger ones something quick to heat up as a side dish to their dinner, these rice cups are super handy. I highly recommend them, and honestly I'm surprised myself-I never expected that I would be so excited about them.

That alone tells you more than anything else could.

So, what can you win? Try out some of these cups yourself. You can win THREE cases of them just by entering below! This giveaway is open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec.

What's with all the sponsored things and giveaways, you ask? Well, I had promised to do a few things awhile ago before things got really busy here. I'm preparing for a blog hiatus, but before I go, you might as well have a little fun.

I have loved blogging, but right now my jobs away from the computer are taking over. I'm working with kids, both in the kitchen and out. Some time Chef Michael Smith quite pointedly asked when I'm writing a cookbook, and it's about time I started. This school year I'm back in the kitchen cooking with kids, and I think it's about time I get my hands dirty. I'll still be around, especially on twitter, but this place is going to be very quiet while I got immerse myself in the kitchen.

Enjoy, friends. And Happy Thanksgiving!

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