Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring in the Valley

You can tell it's Spring in Chilliwack when the scent of blossoms is tinged with the sour notes of manure, as tractors plow up the wet Earth in fields around town to get ready to seed. This morning, a flock of sea gulls followed one such tractor, swooping and diving behind it; likely feasting on the worms being dug up from the rich soil.

On the playground, worms have been working their way out of the grassy fields and the kids find them at recess, all fat and slimy, dragging themselves along the sidewalks. I'm known as the adult who will pick up worms and drop them into waiting hands while chirping,

"Worms are your FRIENDS, and they make the dirt good for plants. Be nice to them."

Sometimes the worms are so large they look like small snakes, and we let those ones slither away undisturbed. I imagine that once the children head back inside the confines of the school to go back to reading or math, the circling sea gulls snap up the worms left behind. There's no sign of them at lunch time when we're back outside in the spring sunshine.

I haven't had much time in the kitchen these days. Dinner became something eaten on the run, thrown together at the last minute, and meal plans have unraveled one after another. We've found ourselves on the couch as a family, eating something defrosted from the fridge before we run our separate ways. I've been longing for a day to just putter around the house-one to organize my spice cupboard (don't scoff, you should see the thing), finish up laundry and chase after dust bunnies.

I love to putter.

Some time ago, I talked about going to Granville Island to help shoot a promo for Better Together, to encourage people to enter the Hands on Cookoff. I love the idea of adults cooking with kids. For me, an activity like this is my happy place; I love teaching kids about food, seeing them explore with their senses, witnessing their delight when they taste their results. It's purely magical.

This is the result of that day I spent over on Granville Island, standing in the market while people milled around, trying to remember my line and look natural on TV. I've never done TV things, so this was totally new to me!

This past weekend, I took a young friend with me to The Dirty Apron and spent an afternoon cooking with her to launch the Hands on Cook Off! That story will be coming up soon, but I can tell you this; it was hands down some of the most fun I've ever had.

Judging from my cooking partner's smile I think she enjoyed herself, too.

Cooking at the Dirty Apron
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