Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Candy Meister

candy meister

Over the last few months when I've gone to trade shows, I've occasionally run into the wonderful folks who own Candy Meister. Honestly, I've never really loved hard candies-maybe it's all the sugar and food coloring, but Candy Meister candy is different and I had to share my love of them with all of you.

All natural, gluten free, corn free and dairy free, products by the Candy Meister are made in small batches, by hand, in Germany. With lots of different flavours, you are sure to find something that you enjoy. After trying their candy a couple of times I was going to buy some, but was instead given the three pictured above to bring home and sample.

I wasn't prepared for candy so tasty that we'd practically inhale them all!

The woodruff leaf candy had a really unique taste. Kevin described them as an apple and vanilla flavour and they were hands down the ones we liked best. We also really enjoyed the sweet raspberry candies-since raspberry is one of my favourite flavours. They are sweet, but have a bit of a tang to them as well. The Honey sage are pretty tasty too, and I think would be really nice if you had a sore throat.

You can buy Candy Meister products online, and they are also available in a few stores in the Lower Mainland, Thunder Bay, and in Portland. (see here for a list). Candy Meister ships all over the USA and Canada with a $20  minimum order. (more info regarding shipping here). If you're in Vancouver, they even have a candy store on wheels as the truck travels here and there through the city, ready for you to drop by and sample some candy.

How awesome is that? A mobile candy store!? I LOVE it.

These days I find that it's hard to find a sweet treat that's still made with real ingredients, or something that is high quality and genuinely tastes good. These are by far the best hard candies I've ever eaten, and I highly recommend you try some. I'm already scouting out where the truck will be when I'm in Vancouver in March so that I can pick up some for Easter baskets. The trick will be not eating them all before Easter even arrives.

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Disclosure: way back at Christmas I was given the bags while we shopped at a Christmas trade show. I had intended to buy some, but the lovely people at Candy Meister offered me the bags pictured above. Somehow, time got away from me and it's taken me forever to post about them!
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