Monday, December 30, 2013

More From the Missing Ingredient

missing ingredient

I avoid a certain little strip mall in my town at all costs, mostly because the parking lot is just horrendous. Even though I have a tiny car, the near misses and narrow parking stalls are enough to make your hair grey as people roar through in their large trucks and whatnot. Even the promise of a Starbucks with amazing staff often isn't enough to draw me to that location.

Until, of course, Canada Post delivered my next Missing Ingredient box to it. Well, then. I can't say no.  

Kevin and I didn't actually know it was my Missing Ingredient box but we suspected, since neither of us were expecting any deliveries and it was the only thing we could think of. We decided to brave the parking lot, and arrived at the Canada Post outlet in the back of Shoppers Drug Mart.

The Shoppers Drug Mart in Chilliwack has an identical layout to the one in Sechelt, and more than once we've had such strong deja vu that Kevin and I attempt to leave through a mall entrance, which isn't there. Clerks usually look at us as if we have lost our minds when we start to giggle and talk about how the store is just SO MUCH like the Sechelt one.

With my package in hand, we headed over to Starbucks for a latte. I love this Starbucks. There's a guy there named Edward who totally understands my deep love for coffee, and who recommended that we try the creme brulee latte with both caramel drizzle AND chocolate shavings. Can you say Skor bar on a cup?

As I sat at the bar waiting for my coffee, I couldn't stand it any longer and ripped the box open with my bare hands. This month it looks as though the theme is Mexican, which is some of our favorite dishes, and Kevin and I marveled at each item as we pulled it out. I think we'll have to have a Mexican night or something! The Mo's Milk Bar was instantly devoured. I will admit, I wasn't completely sure about the idea of bacon with chocolate and it wasn't my favorite, but Kevin loved it. There were also jalapeno corn chips, which we practically devoured instantly because I happened to have guacamole in the fridge.

It's exciting to get these boxes of unusual things in your mailbox, almost like a fun gift that you get to explore. Included are recipe cards so you're never left wondering what to do with the stuff you get. The last thing I experimented with was escargot and although they looked completely horrid, they were really tasty.

I'll let you know what we make with these ingredients over the next week. It's sure to be interesting!
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