Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Munching With Snackbox: A Giveaway and Coupon!


Raise your hand if you love snacks. Salty, sweet, crunchy, cold...let's face it, we ALL love snacks. I try not to snack much, but occasionally I really do love a good bit of chocolate or even some salty chips. My trick is that I almost never buy things like chips or chocolate, because once I start it's hard to stop-so I get a small bit occasionally and really enjoy it.

This is how Snackbox really fits in with my snacking habits, and the good folks over there must have followed my twitter feed and read that because they recently asked me if I'd like to try one out.

What exactly IS Snackbox?


Snackbox is a monthly subscription service featuring a curated selection of premium, natural,
and delicious snacks. They want to help customers discover new snacks that are healthier
alternatives to typical junk foods. Their trained chef and holistic nutritionist, Laura Mar, carefully
chooses all the products that are part of Snackbox.

Subscriptions can be the following (add $6.95 shipping and taxes) :
One month: $33
Three month: $27/month
Six months: $24/month

You can also buy subscriptions as gifts for Christmas! I think this would be a really fun gift, especially for your college student kids who are away in university. It's like a care package full of tasty goodness arriving at your door. The snack fairy, if you will. People on twitter lament all the time that they want something delivered to them to nibble on and here it is, once a month.

I admit, at first I was a teeny bit skeptical. You see, because Kevin has reactions to soy, I have a love/hate relationship with packaged food. Most of it he can't eat. I spend so much time reading labels it just gets downright annoying. I find myself in a rut, sticking only to the foods we know are safe, because it's just easier. But then the Snackbox arrived, and as we dug through and looked at each and every thing in it, we realized that he can eat everything in the box.

This elicited a new kind of sad because I wanted the entire box FOR MYSELF. The snacks inside look that delicious; blueberry smoothie, dark coconut toffee chocolate, dried pear slices, a new Larabar flavor, and more. There's a bit of everything to please everyone, and now the hard part is dividing it up because I want to taste every single thing in that box.

I may need to simply hide it.

Oh wait, you want a Snackbox of your own? Really? Of course you do, because I am not sharing. Here's a look at another one, just in case you need more convincing :

Snackbox New

Giveaway details:

  • If you would like to win a Snackbox of your very own, leave me a comment below. 
  • Only those with a Canadian address can enter, as it will only be shipped within Canada
  • On  Wednesday, November 27, 2013 I will pick a random winner.
But that's not all! You can also purchase your own Snackbox, because readers also can use this really awesome coupon that the folks at Snackbox made just for Chasing Tomatoes readers.

Snackbox Coupon Code

Notice it expires December 31, 2013 so you have some time to use it. I think it's a good gift for the person who seems to have everything, or what about a foodie friend? Like I mentioned before, it's perfect for older teens or college students away from home. Also getting something in the mail after the holidays helps to drag things out a little more, you know? Extends the holidays, if you will.

The hardest part will be deciding which snack to eat first.

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