Monday, October 14, 2013

Bitcoin, Eggs, and How Low Can You Go

I'm sitting in a Starbucks downtown, killing time as my nearly 18 year old is out and about with the Simon Fraser University Bitcoin Club and enjoying Coin Fest. Don't ask me much about Bitcoin, I can't tell you much. Talk to Kevin. All I know is that over the summer, while he was mining for it he drove up our hydro bill to record levels.

It took us awhile to adjust to the city but here I am, on Granville Street, watching people while I write up new recipes over at BC Eggs. The odd thing is that ever since I decided to shut down Notes From the Cookie Jar (and just recently almost lost the domain), doors and jobs opened that previously I didn't have. Life is weird. Cool and I'm thrilled, but weird.

I had planned to do How Low Can You Go, but then I got a job that required cooking and writing, so it really skewed my results because we then had food that I had to buy (and cook, so also EAT) in order to photograph for content. I may have to pick up How Low Can You Go down the road, but for two weeks there we really worked hard at keeping things low and it was HARD. All it took was Kevin to invite friends over, and suddenly we'd have nothing for lunches for the week. I can see how anyone on a limited income would find it hard to share a meal with friends, especially if you are trying to hard to just make sure you have enough for YOU to eat. I found myself totally prioritizing things and cutting out stuff that seemed too expensive, like brand name coffee or crackers, snack food, and more.

I'll get into how things went and what I bought in more detail, but some of these recipes I created would fit beautifully, considering that eggs are a relatively cheap protein. My favourite was the noodle egg drop soup, and the chocolate meringue cookies were to DIE FOR. You really need to head on over and see the adorable ghost meringues and butternut squash mini muffins, along with tips on how to make perfect boiled eggs, and a scrambled egg tutorial. I promise, they are all delicious. Here's a bit of eye candy to tempt you...

scrambled close up noodle soup chocolate meringue cookies cheddar chorizo cranberry curd bacon dill deviled

You'll still see me here, I'm just figuring out how to juggle things. There's also going to be another Philly Cream Cheese basket giveaway starting up tomorrow so get ready! In the meantime, I'm sitting here with my feet up, drinking coffee, and enjoying the last day of Canadian Thanksgiving.

How is your week going?

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