Thursday, August 1, 2013

You've Gotta Eat At: Mink Chocolates

With John and Kevin away in California on the motorcycle back in June, I took some time to visit my friend in food crime, Alexis and her side kick The Imp. It seems like whenever I visit them we go out to eat, and this time was no exception. Alexis needed to introduce me to Mink Chocolates.

On the wall

"We need s'mores," she kept saying.

Huh? The only s'mores I knew were campfire roasted, slightly charred, sticky marshmallows shoved between graham wafers with cheap chocolate. I admit I wasn't that impressed with the idea of s'mores. However, Alexis has never, ever, steered me wrong and I always have complete faith in her when it comes to food, so off we went.

First off, Mink is a chocolate cafe with a location in downtown Vancouver, and another in South Surrey. You can order various treats, ranging from a chocolate fondue to espresso drinks and other sweet treats. I let Alexis order, as I often do. She's the downtown girl and knows the lay of the land. I've been stuck in restaurant Siberia on the Sunshine Coast for so long that I can never catch up with what's going on unless I eat out every single day, which won't happen. We ordered s'mores, and a frozen chocolate drink each.

It was like sweet chocolate heaven.

Frozen Chocolate

First of all, the frozen chocolate drinks are amazing. Nothing watery or cheap, it was rich, sweet (but not overly so), cold and creamy. I've been dreaming about having one ever since. I'm not even a Starbucks Frappucino girl, but I'd go back just to get the drink. Soon the s'mores arrived at the table.

Now THIS is smores without the camping
That little black cauldron? FIRE, baby.
Whoa! Now THESE are s'mores. Without camping, of course. I've never really liked camping anyway. It's dirty, loads of work, and includes mosquitoes or raccoons that come and eat the cereal that you left out by accident. As a child I loved camping, but once I became an adult and all the work fell to me, I decided that it wasn't really worth it and now prefer to check in to the nearest hotel with a bed, hot shower, and coffee.


Back to the s'mores.

It goes like this: you get to skewer the marshmallows, and roast them over the fire that is also delivered to your table. You heard me right, you also get your own fire. I'm not sure how it all works, but there are flames.

It's really quite safe but you may want to be careful with young kids and anyone else that may not be paying attention, because they really could set themselves on fire.  It was difficult enough not to make the marshmallows catch fire, and small children will likely wave them around like a sticky, sugary torch ready to set everything in their vicinity on fire as well. I do think that roasting the marshmallow would be all kinds of fun on a date, though. However what comes next could be interesting because there is literally no way to eat a s'more without wearing part of it.


Next you dip your freshly roasted (or in my case, slightly charred) marshmallow in the most delicious chocolate ganache and tuck it between some graham wafer crackers. The ganache is all kinds of creamy amazing chocolate that I could literally just eat by the spoonful. In fact, that's what I might do next time.

Want a drink?

With enough for about 6 s'mores, you could share this among 2 or 3 people. Or just inhale it yourself. You decide.

Disclosure: I was not asked to write this, nor did I receive anything from Mink Chocolates for doing so. My opinion is entirely my own. I plan to return to Mink next time I'm downtown, partly to satisfy my craving for a frozen chocolate, and I also need to introduce my 17 year old to this wonderful place. I'd say that alone tells you how much I enjoyed it.

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