Thursday, August 15, 2013

You Gotta Eat At: Meat and Bread

You'd never think that something as simple as sandwiches on a menu could be a big deal, but when a place like Meat and Bread does them so well, all bets are off.

The concept is simple; great sandwiches that change daily. Whether you get them to go or opt to stay and eat at the long, family style table, make sure to grab a lot of napkins because you are in for a treat.

Kevin and I visited the Cambie Street location and the second we walked in the door, a wall of the most delicious smells stopped me in my tracks. Can I just bathe in the smell of fresh bread and roasted pork with salsa verde? No?  How could we even think as we stood and breathed in that beautiful smell, and then watched as someone sliced up a perfect roast pork in front of us?

I really need smell 'o vision here, because you would JUST. DIE.

It was was hard. Focus, Karen. Lunch. We. Need. Lunch.  (wipes drool from chin)

Alexis had already told me that I needed to eat the porchetta sandwich and had described it as having delicious, full of flavour crispy bits that are a little hard in it, which Kevin immediately described as "amazing bits of pork cracklins." Tender roasted pork is spread onto a long white bun, topped with the crispy bits of of cracklins, and then slathered with salsa verde.

Porchetta from Meat and Bread in Vancouver
"Oh this is huge," I said. "I can't eat all of this!"  Umm... apparently I can.

Let's get a few things straight. I'm not really a fan of pork, or even mustard, but these just look so incredibly amazing I can't resist. The sandwiches are served to us on a wooden board and Kevin picks out a Fentiman's soda.

We settle down at the long, single, family style table to eat. The place is very busy, but the line moves quickly and just as soon as someone finishes their sandwich and leaves the table, more come. Staff have eagle eyes and whisk away finished boards, wipe the table, and chat with customers.

I don't even pay attention because honestly, I'm too busy slathering my sandwich with dipping mustard and picking every delectable stray bit of pork that has fallen out of my sandwich. It's amazing. Meaty. Tender. Full of flavour. I could go on and on, but this would turn into an ode to a sandwich so let's just say this was the best sandwich I've eaten in a very, VERY long time.

Kevin and I barely finish them, but we manage. He's full, which is a feat in itself. I wonder if it was the fact that he also ate a Cartem doughnut earlier, but I am so full I can't even contemplate coffee. In fact, I don't eat anything else the rest of the day.

cartems doughnuts
Fresh, organic ingredients, locally sourced. Now THESE are doughnuts.

Which is entirely okay with me. Now the question is how soon we can go back to try something else. Just to tide me over, I bought a jar of mustard to bring home and spread on whatever I make here.

All I can dream about now is those sandwiches and how we must go back.

Locations and Menu Links:

370 Cambie Street: Monday to Saturday 11 am-5 pm (check out the menu)

1033 Pender Street: Monday to Friday 11 am-5pm  (check out the menu)


Twitter: @1meatandbread

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