Friday, August 2, 2013

Farm Stand Friday: The Local Harvest

I've missed a few Fridays here, mostly because I've been out and about traveling on our motorcycle. Days spent on the motorcycle mean that we go for some giant day long ride, such as out to Kelowna to Kekuli Cafe for lunch. (Kekuli Cafe was on You Gotta Eat Here, on Food Network) For the record, Kelowna is about 3 1/2 hours from Chilliwack.

We've also zipped up to Cache Creek and then over to Whistler, where we stayed overnight and wandered the village, and another day we went south to Washington state and spent a day wandering around Winthrop.

Day trips are fun but I'll admit they completely wipe me out. We get home and I crash on the couch, then spend the next day or so doing mostly nothing. John says it's the relentless heat (in some places like Lilloett, it was 35 degrees), but I think it also has to do with the noise, wind, and fresh air from sitting on the bike. I've dragged myself out to a farm stand to report back to you because you know, we still gotta eat. Life is rough, huh?

Right now in Chilliwack, you can't go anywhere without tripping over a farm stand. Whether it's the corn barns on every street corner or the little blueberry shacks, stands are everywhere. Over on Lickman Road, I visited The Local Harvest, which is run by a family from the area.

Local Harvest Market

This farm stand is a little smaller than the Veggie Shack. As you can see from the sign above, you can use your debit or visa card and they are open six days a week, which is wonderful. There is plenty of room for parking, as they are set off of Lickman road right off the exit from Highway One. When I visited a couple of kids were there holding the fort. I didn't take their photo as I couldn't get parent permission, so instead I focused on the tomatoes.

Fresh Tomatoes and Peppers

The peppers that you see in the back are so delicious-spicy but not with a huge amount of heat, and really good in spaghetti sauces, etc. I need to find some more soon to use in my cooking. I would love to put them on pizzas and in anything Mexican themed that I decide to make. There wasn't a lot of produce at this stand, but it was earlier in the season when I visited so I'm sure they will bulk up some more in the next couple of weeks, if they haven't already. You can also buy some home canned goods and jams.

Local Harvest price board

Prices are a little higher than I've seen elsewhere, but I think things even out overall. You may pay a little more for the hot peppers, but less for the cherry tomatoes. It's a little silly to drive all over and try to find the best prices as the farm stands, or you are going to waste a pile of money on gas. The point is to find a stand that is in a good location and has good products, and this one wins there! Lickman road also boasts Anita's Organic Mill up the road from the stand, and further down is the Smits and Co cheese farm.

Bring your own bag and enjoy!

Note: Farm Stand Friday is not sponsored. Instead it's my own local love of places I've been to and share!
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