Thursday, July 11, 2013

A New Beginning

Heirloom Tomatoes
Heirloom Tomatoes from The Veggie Shack on Vedder Road, Chilliwack

Chasing Tomatoes has always been the kid sister to Notes From the Cookie Jar. My accidental food blog, this poor site has never really received the attention from me that it deserves.

That is, until today.

Change happens, my friends-and while it's been a long time coming, you are going to notice some big changes around here. While Notes From the Cookie Jar was my first blogging love, it's run it's course. The life that I once wrote about there is no longer, and it's time to move on so today, I announced that I'm shutting it down. All is not lost, though; instead I'm focusing everything here, and making Chasing Tomatoes the big girl blog it always should have been. There's a lot to do! Links need to be fixed, clean up needs to happen, I need to get a better header up there, and those silly slider links need change.

I think I've got comments working. Please try to leave a comment and let me know on Twitter @scatteredmom if it works.  There isn't going to be just recipes anymore, you are going to hear about all kinds of things that are happening in the Fraser Valley. That's right, we're changing focus here a little to include a swanky new by-line:

Finding fresh in the Fraser Valley

You want farm eggs? I'll show you where to get them. Who are the farmers? What's the best farm stand? What fruit is in season here? Where can you find the best farm cheese? How do you make ricotta from scratch? Are there good restaurants serving fresh and local? What market can you go to if you need to find a specialty ingredient? What ethnic markets are good? Cookbook reviews? Got those. Gadgets and all things food? I'll have those too. Since I'm an ambassador for Philadelphia Cream Cheese, there will be some giveaways too.

The entire Lower Mainland is wide open and I plan to explore it ALL.

You're going to have a window into my kitchen and follow along as I explore the Fraser Valley and Vancouver areas, discovering what is fresh, local, and fantastic. I am so excited to bring you news about school or community gardens, programs in our communities, what's happening with the Food Banks, and more.

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and have dinner with none other than Canadian Chef Michael Smith. I came away so inspired by our conversations that I'm ready to move forward and explore my passions in a new chapter of my life, both online and off. A post in more detail about that will be coming very soon!  I am so excited to see where this new direction takes me, and I can't wait to share it, post by post, with all of you.


Let's go!
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