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Maple Oat Waffles and a Krups Waffle Maker Review

Disclosure: I was sent a very shiny Krups waffle maker to try-for years, I've wanted to try my hand at waffles since I never owned a waffle maker, so I agreed. Opinions are my own. I was not paid anything, just given a waffle maker to play with and the following is what I thought.

Maple Oat Waffles

I'm a very big fan of having breakfast for dinner. It's never been hard for me to accept having eggs or pancakes for dinner, but all these years I wondered about waffles. Is it worth it to get a waffle maker? Would I use it? Are they hard to make?

The answer: yes, I would use it. I've already made waffles twice, and am dreaming of trying new recipes. Somehow, my family likes them much more than pancakes. Maybe it's the deep pockets and the toasty outside, or the novelty of pouring the batter and closing the lid. Whatever the reason, we're now all in love with waffles.

The Krups 65475 Four slice Belgian Waffle Maker looks great on my counter, and I love how it latches shut and can store upright in my cupboard. For those with not a lot of storage space, that feature alone is a plus.

Krups Waffle Maker

The waffle maker also has features like a ready light to let you know when it's hot, hidden cord storage, and non-stick plates.

I'm not that experienced at making waffles, so I don't have a lot to compare this particular model to, but I can say that it was easy to use. The unit heated up fine and cooked waffles in about four minutes. The plates allow you to cook four at once and the pockets are nice and deep, giving you plenty of space to fill with syrup. The unit is also fairly easy to clean.


Are there drawbacks? A few. The cool-touch handle isn't cool. Steam tends to seep out the front of the unit and makes the handle too hot to touch. At first I was tempted to lift the lid using the latch, but then realized that this would likely make it break off. I have resorted to using a tea towel to keep from burning myself.


Judging how much batter to put in the unit can be a little tricky. Too little, and you get not-quite-complete waffles. Too much, and the batter overflows onto the sides, which are hard to clean. All the crevices and corners are a bit difficult to chisel waffle batter out of. The waffles aren't completely evenly cooked-some places would be cooked more than others.

maple oat waffles, krups waffle maker

Overall, I think the Krups waffle maker is a good quality unit that makes some pretty awesome waffles and is easy to use. I wouldn't let kids use it unless they are older, as the handle and burning themselves would be a big concern.

Want a waffle recipe? Read on for a toasty delicious Maple Oat Waffle recipe.

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