Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Search for Real Food: Groceries Week 1

This real food challenge has already made me look much closer at what I buy than I did before. What have we found the last few weeks?

Raincoast Trading Tuna/Salmon

Usually I buy boneless/skinless Clover Leaf Salmon, but this time I tried Raincoast. Caught in the Pacific Northwest, this salmon was really, really yummy. It was also practically the same price as what I paid for my usual. Ocean wise certified, this company is also environmentally friendly, which I love. The tuna is a bit out of my prize range, but the salmon I will buy from now on.

This one's a keeper.

Elias Honey

Produced in Prince George, this honey is found at most grocery stores in our area. It's a little more expensive than the no-name honey at Extra Foods, but I like the fact that it's made in BC. I also bought some plain Greek Gods yogurt, and together they make a great snack.

Weirdest thing we discovered:

Greek Gods Yogurt comes "honey flavored", which I was going to originally buy until Jake read the label and pointed out that it doesn't have actual honey, but instead has honey flavored sugar. The weird thing is that on the website, the ingredients are different and list "Cane sugar", as well as actual honey. Huh? What's going on? At the store the container was clearly marked "Honey Flavored", as well.

"What the heck is honey flavored sugar, Mom? That's so weird. Why don't they just use real honey?" He put it back and grabbed the container of plain. "This is better. Just top it with your honey."

I suppose that the bottom line is you have to read the ingredients. That bugs me, though. I had also bought some Pita Break Lavash instead of the crackers I liked because the ingredients sounded like real food. When I looked them up online, the ingredients are completely different. What's up with that?

As school is approaching I admit I'm still gazing longingly at the Nature Valley Sweet and salty granola bars. But what do they have in them? In Canada, the ingredients differ because when I checked a box out yesterday, I noticed they contained tartrazine.

Tartrazine can cause allergic reactions, especially in those with asthma. I don't have asthma, but Jake does, so no granola bars. Anyone have a good recipe they care to share?
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