Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Crackin' Burger by Kevin and Jamie Oliver

Jake and I have made a pact-on Saturdays, he's going to cook. I'll clean up. He gets to choose what to make, and I get to take as many pictures of him that I want with no complaints. He's 14, so he doesn't like me taking pictures of him often.

Sounds good, huh? This week he made this recipe from our Food Revolution Cookbook. As we read over the recipe, he decided that he wanted to add some minced garlic cloves and a fresh chili to spice it up a bit. We didn't have parsley, so he subbed in cilantro.

I taught him how to use the food processor, and he happily chopped away, made two hamburgers and then a bunch of meatballs for another meal, and I helped fry them up. Then he topped them with crumbled blue cheese and used some of my home made focaccia from the freezer as buns.

Oh, MY. Best burger I've had in a very, very, long time. Maybe I should be getting Jake to cook more than once a week? I always tell him, girls LOVE guys who can cook.

Pop on over to to get the recipe!
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