Saturday, January 20, 2007

McDonalds and Movie Party

This party came about because of a marketing thing that was happening. Suddenly, Cheerios contained coupons for a free child's admission to the movie theatre! We collected those coupons for a full six months and used them for Kevin's eighth birthday.

At the time, the Movie "Cat in the Hat" was the popular kid's movie of the season, so we went to see it. We didn't do much of the theme thing for this party, because at 8 years old the Cat was no longer 'cool' (except for the movie). So we went with this car cake and ate at McDonalds.

It was really very easy-the kids enjoyed the movie, then we walked across the street to a huge McDonalds with a big play area where they ran around and screamed to their heart's content. They didn't even want to go home. While I am not a fast food lover, this really was a great way to do a party in December.

When Kevin turned 10, we had 6 friends over to make pizza. I had pre-made dough and all the toppings out in bowls, and the kids topped their own pizzas. We also had a Shirley Temple bar complete with plastic swords and fruit so they could make their own drinks. Afterwards we had cake, opened presents, and then took off to the theatre to see "Chronicles of Narnia".

Words of wisdom: The making pizza party was fun but messy and more expensive then McDonalds. 10 year olds eat non-stop, and even wanted more food at the theatre (even though the theatre included candy bags for each child). Call the theatre ahead and find out if they have any 'specials'-our local one reserved our seats and gave Kevin a birthday card. As with most venues, find out if they accept Visa or debit before you go to avoid having to make a mad dash to an ATM in order to pay.

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