Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bowling/Space Party

Another shot at an indoor venue that we tried was bowling. Now...there are pros and cons to bowling.

1-The kids may love it and really get into the whole bowling thing
2-The kids may get bored of it and really want to just forget the whole thing.

I had a bit of both, which prompted me to have prizes for the kids-most gutter balls, most creative way of bowling, highest score, lowest score, that sort of thing. I couldn't expect 6 year olds to just, you know, bowl because they just wouldn't.

The alley also had a party room where they let us decorate it up a bit by hanging cardboard stars covered in tin foil from the ceiling, and putting up silver balloons everywhere. Instead of party hats I had made alien antennae for the kids using plastic hair bands and attaching silver pipe cleaners topped with pom poms.

This was the party where the parents were interesting, and I had one child suddenly become sick mid party but I didn't have the parent's phone number. Then another parent didn't pick her child up and I had to take him home with me. Word to the wise: get the parent's phone numbers.

The cake was the hit of the party. The little aliens are actually Tim Bits (donut holes) and the kids thought it was WAY cool. When we served the cake we turned out the lights, gave each child a glo stick to crack and wear around their neck, and then did the whole cake thing. With all the silvery stars from the ceiling and the glow of the glo sticks, it was COOL. They talked about it for years afterwards!

Goodie bags: Dollar store 'space glasses', mini Mars bars and Sour Cherry Blasters, Hot wheels spaceships, stickers, and glo sticks. (plus there were some coupons for McDonalds and things from the bowling alley)

Word of advice: Check with the bowling alley about your time factor. The kids could have used much longer to do the cake/presents thing but instead were really rushed as we were pushed out for the next party behind us. Next time I would have bowled and gone back to our house for cake instead.
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